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screem – a universal expression of happiness, despair, hope, pain, desire, passion.

the story of screem is a story of your self-expression, a magnum opus in the making perhaps not yet complete, a screem to wake you up to the endless possibilities, a screem to remind you never blend in.

our story

a team of like-minded folks, who believe it’s their time to #screem.

we passionately craft products not to be good but be F*#)(* best. We are a design company—its in our blood. our products must be expressive, innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the best in their category.

this is a high bar, but it provides the necessary challenges and appropriate limits. The pursuit of this high standard gives us pride, satisfaction, the exuberance of mental strain, many sleepless nights, and of course lots to #screem.

this mission, along with some good ol’ fashioned luck, has been our formula for success. screem has been shaped by our desire to own our own lives and to be the best

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